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The Suchdolanka brass band was established in 1965 in a village called Suchdol in the area of the historical town Kutna Hora. Originally Suchdolanka was an entertaining band with few musicians and with many singers and entertainers.

The current band master Josef Košata has been playing with the band since the beginning, since 1965. He comes from Suchdol and he has been playing accordion and now he plays keyboard mainly.

Suchdolanka plays typical Czech brass music and Czech national songs but it’s able to perform some pieces from popular, dance and concert area also. It’s possible to find many songs from Moravia area of the Czech Republic in Suchdolanka’s repertoire. Suchdolanka likes Moravia songs a lot and Bohemian songs are also its favourite ones.

Nearly all members of the band Suchdolanka live in the town Kolin now and they play in various big Kolin’s orchestras. Suchdolanka has twelve members now, ten musicians and two singers. Suchdolanka’s performances are held in the Region of Middle Bohemia (CZ), mainly in the area of the town Kolin. Suchdolanka has played its concerts also in Germany and Austria.

Since 2008 Suchdolanka has been a collective number of František Kmoch’s friends’ club based in the town Kolin. František Kmoch’s friends’ club takes care of František Kmoch’s cultural heritage. Frantisek Kmoch was one of the most widely known Czech composers of brass music, conductor and band master. Suchdolanka and The club cooperate very active and Suchdolanka takes part in many cultural events held by František Kmoch’s friends’ club.